Ekofires 6030 Flueless Gas Stove

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    Create a stunning centrepiece in virtually any room in your home with the Eko 6030 Flueless Gas Stove. The charm of a real flame dancing over an authentic log effect fuel bed set behind a glass panel. Available in black, white or burgundy finish, the Ekofires 6030 does not need a chimney or flue.

    The Ekofires 6030 is designed to recreate the character of a real woodburner. Real flames rising from a log effect fuel bed will provide ambience and warmth to your home. A major appealing factor with the 6030 is the fact that as a flueless gas appliance, it can be fitted into properties that do not have a chimney or flue. This makes it ideal for new build houses, extensions and conservatories where you can enjoy the charm of this attractive design with straightforward installation.

    The only requirements for the Eko 6030 are a minimum room size of 35m³ (length x width x height - typically 12’6” x 12’6” x 8’) and a standard 100cm² air-vent in the room where the fire is fitted. Fitted with safety features including an oxygen depletion sensor which will automatically shut the fire off if harmful fumes were detected.

    The Eko 6030 flueless fire incorporates the latest in gas fire technology. Instead of requiring a chimney or flue to expel the gases produced, the combustion gases pass through a catalytic converter system, positioned at the top of the appliance which converts carbon monoxide into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapour, levels of which are so low they are typically present in fresh air. In fact, the catalytic converter works so effectively that it can actually help to clean the air by neutralising airborne particles and odours, therefore helping to reduce household allergies.

    The 6030 is ideal for installation within a fireplace or sat on a suitable hearth against a flat wall as a free-standing feature. The clean lines ensure it will complement both classical and contemporary interiors whilst the large glass viewing window provides a perfect view of the flames.

    More Information
    Fire Type Stove (Inset S35G)
    Gas Type Natural Gas
    Efficiency 100%
    Minimum Room Size 35m³
    Control Type Slide
    Flame/Fuel Effect Ribbon Flame - Logs
    Open or Glass Fronted Glass Fronted
    Heat Input (Max/Min) Gross 3.1kW / 1.5kW
    Heat Output (Max/Min) Gross 3.1kW / 1.5kW
    Installation Free-Standing
    Air Vent Required 100cm²
    Safety Oxygen Depletion Sensor / Flame Failure Device / Catalytic Converter
    Guarantee 3 Years
    manufacturerEko Fires
    manufacturer_warranty_labour3 Years
    manufacturer_warranty_parts3 Years
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