Ekofires 5060 Flueless Gas Fire


    The luxurious, reflective qualities of its glass fascia provide a perfect frame for the dancing strip of flames on the Eko 5060 flueless gas fire. Ideal for a variety of rooms including living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and conservatories, it offers unrivalled efficiency with no chimney or flue needed!

    Designed for mounting on a flat internal or external wall in rooms with a minimum size of 23m³ (length x width x height), the Eko 5060 is a flueless gas fire with a stylish, black glass fascia behind sat in front of a ribbon of flickering flames. Due to the advanced catalytic technology incorporated within the appliance, it does not require connection into a chimney or flue so make it perfect for newly built homes, extensions, conservatories etc.

    The reflective glass fascia in black will create a dramatic focal point for your home which can also be looked at as a piece of art for your walls! The rotary manual control discreetly located at the side of the fire give you the option of up to 2kW of heat whenever needed.

    The catalytic technology cleans the hot air leaving the combustion chamber, converting Carbon Monoxide into harmless Carbon Dioxide. It works so effectively that it can also assist in neutralising unwanted airborne particles and allergens present in the home, helping to create a cleaner and friendlier environment.

    More Information
    manufacturerEko Fires
    manufacturer_warranty_labour3 Years
    manufacturer_warranty_parts3 Years

    Fire Type Flueless Gas (Portrait L23G)
    Gas Type Natural Gas
    Efficiency 100%
    Minimum Room Size 23m³
    Control Type Manual - Rotary
    Flame/Fuel Effect Ribbon Flame - No Fuel Effect
    Open or Glass Fronted Glass Fronted
    Heat Input (Max/Min) Gross 2.0kW / 1.3kW
    Heat Output (Max/Min) Gross 2.0kW / 1.3kW
    Installation Wall Mounted (No Inset)
    Air Vent Required 100cm²
    Safety Oxygen Depletion Sensor / Flame Failure Device / Catalytic Converter
    Guarantee 3 Years
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