Gazco Vogue Midi T Balanced Flue Gas Stove


    Allowing those living in properties without a chimney or flue to benefit from the warmth, efficiency and style that a Gazco gas stove offers. The Vogue Midi T balanced flue is a contemporary gas stove with taller proportions than the standard model plus windows on wither side for a greater flame view.

    The increased fire chamber height on the Vogue Vogue 'T' provides a perfect view of the dancing flames. There is also windows on either side of the appliance allowing you to enjoy the fire in all its glory no matter where you're seated.

    This balanced view version is designed for fitting into homes where no chimney or flue is present and a choice of balanced flue kits allow for a variety of installations. It is ideal for creating a spectacular feature in main living areas, extensions, dining rooms and conservatories.

    The Gazco Vogue Midi T balanced flue boasts impressive heating performance up to 4.80kW and superb high efficiency of 84%! The authentic ceramic log effect and reflective black glass interior help to achieve an amazing flame picture which mimics the charm and character of a real woodburner.

    The standard base model is ideally suited to recessing into a custom opening or free-standing on to a suitable hearth or once of Gazco's exclusive Riva benches. There is also a Midline base model with storage compartment where you can add logs to further the authenticity and a Highline model which is ideal for those who want to make a bold, free-standing statement within their home.

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    • Taller Firebox
    • 3 Glass windows
    • Balanced Flue Kits
    • Realistic log effect
    • Remote control available
    • 84% Efficiency
    • 4.8kW
    • Black Glass Interior
    manufacturer_warranty_labour2 Years
    manufacturer_warranty_parts2 Years
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