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Gazco at All About Living

Gazco Fire Your Imagination

Here at All About Living we display the largest range of Gazco and Stovax products in the Leicestershire region, such as the Gazco Studio 2 glass fronted Conventional gas fire, the new reflex 75r, the Gazco eReflex electric inset fire and a full and comprehensive range of gas, electric and wood burning stoves.

L Gazco Skope 195R Electric Inset Firel

Gazco Studio 2 Glass Fronted Conventional Gas Fire                                  


Check out more Gazco products on our site, or come and view them in our Leicester showroom.




Experience the Elegance of Gazco Fires at All About Living

At All About Living, we specialize in bringing warmth and style to your home with our premium selection of fires, fireplaces, and stoves. We are proud to feature Gazco, a leading brand known for its cutting-edge technology, design excellence, and unmatched efficiency. Whether you are looking for a traditional wood-burning stove or a contemporary gas fire, Gazco has options that promise warmth and a dramatic focal point in your home.

Why Choose Gazco Fires?

Leading Technology and Design

Gazco is renowned for its innovation and craftsmanship. They excel in producing high-quality gas and electric fires and stoves, incorporating modern technology that enhances flame visuals and heat output.

Wide Range of Models

At All About Living, our extensive collection of Gazco fires ensures there is something to suit every taste and interior. From sleek, contemporary gas fires that make a modern statement to traditional-looking models that evoke a sense of charm, each model is designed with your lifestyle in mind. These fires come in a variety of sizes, colors, and installation options, allowing you to customise your heating solution to fit your space and preferences perfectly.

Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient

Gazco is committed to providing environmentally friendly heating options. Their products are designed to maximize heat output while minimizing environmental impact, making them an ideal choice for eco-conscious homeowners. Gazco's electric fires offer 100% efficiency at the point of use, meaning no heat is wasted.

Easy Installation and Minimal Maintenance

Gazco fires are designed for convenience and durability. Gas and electric models can be installed with minimal structural modification, often simply requiring a connection to a power supply or gas line. Additionally, they offer user-friendly features and require less maintenance than traditional fireplaces, ensuring they remain in excellent condition year after year.

Highlighted Models from Gazco at All About Living

Gazco Studio Series

The Gazco Studio series features a range of stylish and sophisticated gas fires, known for their wide viewing windows and versatile styling options. Available in several sizes and installation styles, including built-in wall units and freestanding models, these fires are perfect for contemporary homes looking to make a bold statement.

eReflex Electric Fireplaces

For those seeking the latest in electric fireplace technology, the Gazco eReflex series offers stunningly realistic flame effects and a choice of styles and sizes. This series is highly customizable with various flame colors, speeds, and even the option to use the fire without heat, making it perfect for year-round ambiance.

Visit Us at All About Living for Your Gazco Fires

Choosing the right fire can dramatically enhance the comfort and style of your home. At All About Living, our knowledgeable team is dedicated to helping you explore our extensive range of Gazco products. Visit our showroom or browse our online selection to find the perfect model that aligns with your aesthetic and functional needs.

With Gazco, experience the ultimate in heating technology and design. Let All About Living help you select a fire that heats your home and transforms it into a welcoming retreat. Embrace the cold seasons with confidence and style with Gazco fires—the epitome of warmth and elegance.


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