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Evonic Electric Fires


Leicestershire's largest live display of Evonic Electric fires can be viewed at All About Living.  We offer a competitively priced full installation service including the construction of a false chimney breast capaple of not only housing your new electric fire but also your audio / visual entertainment system.  Our experienced sales team will be able to guide you though your journey from selecting your products to the final install.  All About Living will also match any genuine competitor on Evonic product pricing.

Evonic e1800gf


Discover the Innovative Comfort of Evonic Electric Fires at All About Living

At All About Living, we pride ourselves on offering top-tier home heating solutions that combine style, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology. Among our premium offerings, Evonic electric fires stand out as a superior choice for homeowners looking to enhance their living spaces with a blend of modern aesthetics & user-friendly functionality. Evonic electric fires offer the best of both worlds: a beautiful focal point for your home and a sustainable way to heat it. As your fireplace & stove experts, we're proud to carry this innovative brand.

Why Choose Evonic Electric Fires & Stoves?

Leading-Edge Technology

Leading the way in electric fireplaces, Evonic utilizes cutting-edge technology to create a stunningly realistic flame effect & efficient heating. Their advanced LED system offers a mesmerizing visual experience, transforming any room into a warm & inviting haven. Moreover, many models are equipped with Evonic's exclusive E-smart technology, allowing you to control your electric fire via a smartphone app or a voice command device, offering convenience at your fingertips.

Unmatched Style & Versatility

Evonic electric fires are designed to cater to a diverse range of aesthetic preferences & fit various living environments. Whether you're looking for a minimalist wall-mounted unit, a striking built-in fireplace, or a freestanding model that commands attention, Evonic has options that will seamlessly integrate into your decor. Their fires come in various sizes & styles, from contemporary to traditional, ensuring that every customer finds an ideal match for their home.

Environmentally Friendly Heating

Go green with warmth: Evonic electric fires are champions of energy efficiency. They convert almost all the energy they use directly into heat, with no energy wasted up chimneys or vents. This translates to significant savings on your heating bills. Plus, unlike traditional fireplaces, Evonic fires produce zero emissions, making them a responsible choice for the environment. Unlike traditional wood-burning or gas fireplaces, they produce zero emissions. This makes them the perfect choice for eco-conscious consumers who want to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying the warmth and ambiance of a fireplace.

Ease of Installation & Low Maintenance

One of the significant advantages of Evonic electric fires is their ease of installation. Unlike traditional fireplaces that require major renovations, most Evonic models are ready to be installed with minimal fuss—often just needing to be plugged in. This simplicity continues into their maintenance; with no real flames, there's no soot or ash to clean up, and no need for chimney sweeping, making them a hassle-free addition to any home.

Featured Evonic Electric Fires at All About Living Leicester

Evonic Compton 2

The Evonic Compton 2 seamlessly blends modern design with practical functionality. This wall-mounted unit features a sleek, panoramic view of the realistic flame effect, which can be customized with different color options. It's perfect for contemporary spaces, adding a touch of elegance with its clean lines and ambient lighting.

Evonic E-series

Looking for a personalized touch? The Evonic E-series built-in electric fires come in a range of sizes & stunning flame effects, allowing you to customize your heating experience. Equipped with Evonic's groundbreaking E-smart technology, the E-series fires can be controlled through an app, allowing you to adjust settings from anywhere in your home. These models are ideal for integrating into media units or larger feature walls.

Visit All About Living for Your Evonic Electric Fire & Stoves

Let our experts help you find the perfect Evonic electric fire for your home! We have a wide range of models to suit any style & heating needs. Visit our showroom or browse online to discover Evonic's innovative features and beautiful designs. Experience the perfect blend of tradition & innovation with Evonic at All About Living—where your comfort & satisfaction are our top priorities. Enhance your home with an Evonic electric fire today & enjoy the warmth, ambiance, and style it brings to your living space.

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