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Dru Fires



The perfect interplay between style, function and reliability

For every Dru gas fire design, Dru imagine the role that it plays in the lives of their customers. An ideal experience of warmth, atmosphere and comfort. New sustainable gas fires offer innovations in saving energy. The combination of a heat pump with a gas fire is also a sustainable and future-proof alternative. A heat pump provides the basic heat and using the gas fire for additional heating keeps you warm on cold winter days.  You will find a full range of fires on display within our extensive Leicester based showrooms, please call and let us know when you intend to visit, and we can light the fire in preperation for you and have a Dru trained member of staff on hand for your arrival.

At All About Living you will find both the Dru global and the Dru Maestro range on live display making us the only showroom in Leicester where you can truly appreciate these products.




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