Project Floors @ Work PW 1250

    PW 1250

    With a wear layer of 0.55 mm, the [email protected]/55 collection is geared towards very busy public areas and the most highly frequented residential buildings. 109 wood and stone designs allow for almost unlimited creative freedom for highly frequented spaces.

    The [email protected]/80 glue down vinyl flooring collection by Project Floors is bursting with naturalness and authenticity. 12 authentic wood and 5 tile decors are included in Project Floors' collection, which closely imitates the natural image. Finely adapted from the hollow and stone model, Project Floors created the [email protected]/80 collection offering a design covering that has a haptic and visually beautiful effect. The selection of 12 wooden planks is equally impressive and desirable. Bright white and soft natural woods meet rustic country-style planks. Full-bodied, dark brown decors and planks in light red mottling run off the play of colors. The 5 stone imitations offer a classic selection of cream-colored and greyish-black decors. A fawn tile rises from the conventional color pallet.

    The surface of the wooden planks closely follow the real natural bases, and the 5 tile decors create an authentic, haptic design. For example, wave and line patterns can also be perceived tangibly. With an uncommon wear layer of 0.8 mm, the luxury vinyl flooring of [email protected]/80 is designed for use in very high traffic areas (NK 23/34/43). The additional PU coating protects the surface from bumps and scratches and lets you enjoy the appealing appearance for a long time. Other features of the Project Floors luxury vinyl flooring include chair roll alignment, chemical resistance and slip resistance (R9).

    With a material thickness of just 2.5 mm, the [email protected]/80 selection of vinyl flooring is the ideal floor covering for building and renovation projects. It is also possible to use it in wet rooms because the vinyl laminate from Project Floors is protected from swelling. The "Indoor Air Comfort Gold" certificate confirms that the requirements of authorities and emission levels are not just achieved, but are kept as they are. Thus, the overall ecological reputation of the manufacturer Project Floors is not lost sight of.

    More Information
    ModelNoPW 1250
    Light Wood
    Commercial Use
    Surface Finish
    Ja/ PU
    Total weight
    Wear Layer
    0,8 mm
    Residual Indentation
    0,05 mm
    Fastness to Light
    ≥ 6
    Total Thickness
    2,5 mm
    121.9 x 18.3 cm
    Planks/Tiles per Pack
    15 Planks = 3.34 m²
    Burning Behaviour
    Impact Noise Reduction
    4 dB
    Thermal Insulation Resistance
    0,02 m² K/W
    Installation System
    Slip Resistance
    Circumferential Bevel (V4)
    manufacturerProject Floors
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