Aga Ludlow DEFRA Approved Wood Burning Stove - Matte Black

    Aga Ludlow DEFRA Approved Wood Burning Stove - Matte Black

    Aga Ludlow DEFRA Approved Wood Burning Stove - Matte Black

    All About Living now offer a full flue system package. Your purchase and installation will be stress-free knowing that you're buying a stove from one of the most well-known brands; partnered with a high quality, durable and innovative flue system.

    Each cost-effective package contains:
    1 Off Appliance Adapter
    1 Off Register Plate (500mm x 1200mm)
    1 Off 500mm Length Enamel Pipe (Black)
    1 Off Push Fit Adaptor (Liner to Enamel)
    9 Metres of 316 Premium Grade Liner
    1 Off Terracotta Pot Hanger
    1 Off Fireangel CO2 Alarm (7 Year Lithium)

    Key Features:
    20 Year warranty on the flue liner, subject to terms and conditions.
    Seam welded with high quality enamel coating (Enamel Pipe).
    Push Fit connection to the flex liner (Push Fit Adapter) help towards an easier and quicker installation.
    Push fit Pot Hanger, no need for rivets, self-tappers, or sealant.

    This package retails at £1386.99, however, All About Living knows the importance of getting the best deal, especially when planning an eye-catching centrepiece like a stove. That's why we offer this package for only £498.

    Get an idea of how your flue system works by viewing this annotated diagram.

    More Information

    Stove Features:

    Material: Cast Iron

    Fuel Type: Wood Only

    Heat Output: 7kW

    Efficiency: 76%

    Air Flow: Primary, Secondary And Tertiary

    Flue Outlet: Top And Rear

    Flue Type Required: Brick Chimney

    Airwash Technology: Yes

    CE Approved: Yes

    Smoke Exempt: Yes

    DEFRA Approved: Yes

    Log Store: No

    Stove Dimensions:

    Height: 588mm

    Width: 454mm

    Depth: 456mm

    Maximum Log Length: 300mm

    Flue Diameter: 125mm (5 Inch)

    Clearances From Combustible Material:

    Rear: 700mm

    Side: 700mm

    Clearances From Non-Combustible Material:

    Rear: 100mm

    Side: 100mm

    Hearth: 100mm

    Above: 100mm

    Cast iron is a highly durable material but unfortunately, it is very brittle when being transported.  If the stove is damaged in transportation hairline cracks can appear which will not become apparent until the stove is in use, causing a great deal of expense and inconvenience. For this reason, All About Living is the only online retailer of Cast iron stoves that guarantee to use their own transport to deliver your new stove.  Although this is costly for us WE WILL NEVER USE A COURIER!

    mpnLudlow SE
    Fuel TypeWood
    Fits Pre-FabricatedNo
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